SustainableEnergy is a politically independent and membership-based organisation working in Denmark and internationally for a sustainable world.

Our strategic approach builds on three pillars: People first, The power of the example, and Facilitating the access to knowledge and capital.

Increasingly the climate change agenda influences the work of Sustainable Energy combining it with energy and resource management. A fundamental principle of Sustainable Energy’s work for a sustainable society in Denmark as well as abroad is that this cannot be achieved by only applying a set of appropriate technological innovations. The transformation towards societies based on renewable energy sources must be built around local democracy processes, deep rooted community ownership and a strong public participation. Our points of departure when engaging with international development assistance are found within the environment and renewable energy sectors. Within these two sectors on-going climate changes and their impacts on already vulnerable communities and local authorities will form the back-drop of all programming and used as a leverage to work with local governance and democracy challenges