Uganda Coalition for Sustainable Development

A network of more than 40 NGOs dedicated to coordinate advocacy and lobby work around issues and commitments made by world governments towards sustainable development, inspired by the Rio+ 10 project (Civil Society project for preparation of the Johannesburg Summit of 2002)
In 2006 – 2009, under the umbrella of the East African SusWatch Network, UCSD has been working with Tanzania Coalition for Sustainable Development and Kenya SusWatch Network to implement the East African Civil Society Watchdog Project for Sustainable Development in the Lake Victoria basin (2006 – 2009) with support from Sida (Phase I). One of the key achievements has been preparation of information communication and education materials for awareness raising and advocacy. One of these has been the Civil Society Watchdog Discussion Paper series aimed to influence technocrats and decision-makers involved in the East African Cooperation (especially Lake Victoria basin development) over a wide range of issues including climate change adaptation, solid waste management, among others. Another Phase of engagement is expected to start later this year

Tanzania Traditional Energy Development and Environment Organisation

TaTEDO is a sustainable energy services organization based in Dar es salaam, Tanzania with Zonal Centre in Moshi Municipality, implementing activities in several regions, About TaTEDOdistricts and villages in Tanzania. The organization has more than twenty five years’ experience actively involved in sustainable energy development projects and programmes in rural areas. It is also hosting national and regional networks and is affiliated to several local and international sustainable energy development partners and networks. In this regard, TaTEDO executes its work based on the experience and knowledge drawn from its staff, networks and partners at local, national and international levels

Umande Trust

Umande Trust is a rights-based agency, which believes that modest resources can significantly improve access to water and sanitation services if financial resources are strategically invested in support of community-led plans and actions. Our mission is to be the partner of choice in transforming water supply, sanitation and environmental services in close partnership with communities in Kenya’s urban centres.
`Umande’ is the Kiswahili term for dew – connoting a new, unbiased, nascent beginning; not recycling the ideas of yesteryears. Prof. Saad Yahya and the founding trustees settled on this brand because of the growing disillusionment with business-as-usual approaches to development . They desired an agency that would experiment, dream, and adapt innovative processes and methods to learning from, sharing and transforming with urban communities. Umande brings together teams of resource persons who share a passion and commitment to learn from, share and achieve lasting change with people

SustainableEnergy, Denmark

Increasingly the climate change agenda influences the work of SustainableEnergy combining it with energy and resource management. A fundamental principle of SustainableEnergy’s work for a sustainable society in Denmark as well as abroad is that this cannot be achieved by only applying a set of appropriate technological innovations. The transformation towards societies based on renewable energy sources must be built around local democracy processes, deep rooted community ownership and a strong public participation.
Our points of departure when engaging with international development assistance are found within the environment and renewable energy sectors. Within these two sectors on-going climate changes and their impacts on already vulnerable communities and local authorities will form the back-drop of all programming and used as a leverage to work with local governance and democracy challenges

OSIENALA (Friends of Lake Victoria)

OSIENALA was established in 1992 as a national NGO with its head office in Kisumu City in Nyanza province, Western Kenya. It started as a membership organization by local communities who live and drive their livelihoods from the resources of Lake Victoria and its environs. It was also to provide a forum for addressing various environmental problems facing Lake Victoria. OSIENALA has created awareness locally and internationally about the problems facing Lake Victoria while at the same time creating structures that would support local communities to become the responsible custodian of their environment and the lake. OSIENALA endeavours to strengthen capacities within the communities for sound management, optimization of resource utilization and improvement of the social and economic status in the region

Community Rehabilitation &Environmental Protection

CREP Programme initially started as a relief and rehabilitation C. B.O. during the
ethnic clashes that characterised Kenya in 1992 and 1993 at the onset of multiparty
politics. Originally going by the name Muhoroni Central Development Project
(M.C.D.P), the organization was mainly involved in provision of relief items and
counselling the communities affected and displaced by the clashes.
After working with the affected communities for a short while, the demand for these developmental interventions spread beyond the affected people and beyond the initial Muhoroni boundary, and the organization was eventually registered a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in march 1997 to facilitate the spread of its activities to these new areas.
The organization has since then increased its development initiatives to cover Food
Security, Environmental Rehabilitation and Conservation including promoting use of renewable energy, HIV & AIDS, Water and sanitation, Micro-Enterprise and
development, Gender equality and equity, floods disaster mitigation and Policy
Oxfam GB, the Tudor Trust and FARM AFRICA, KENFAB through KENDBIP,
Danish Family Planning Association and Sustainable Energy have been the main
donors supporting CREP Programme in its development initiatives and in setting up a community resource centre at its headquarters in Awasi