Devolution and Climate Change Adaptation in Western Kenya 2015 - 2019

Sustainable energy, Denmark has supported a3 year project titled Devolution and Climate Change Adaptation in Western Kenya, which kicked off in November 2015. The project is based on the theory of change, thus seeking an increasingly qualified CSO sector that works closely with the most vulnerable groups (right-holders) and duty-bearers on climate change adaptation interventions.

The project is solely an advocacy project that will seek to empower the vulnerable communities with relevant skills which will help them push for devolution and natural resources governance in Kisumu and Homabay counties.The main objective of the project is to have vulnerable populations in Kisumu and Homabay counties at risk of natural hazards caused by Climate Change increasingly supported by policies and programmes sponsored through devolution funds.

The structure includes a Project Coordinating Committee (PCC) and a monitoring arm. The Chair of the PCC is SusWatch Kenya and the Monitoring unit is VIRED International. The other organizations included in the project are Umande Trust, OSIENALA, and CREP Program.