100% Renewable Energy Plan for Kenya by 2050

This report gives an overview of the Kenyan situation regarding energy supply and demand , and presents a scenario for how Kenya can move into a 100% renewable energy economy until 2050 and at the same time move from a lower middle income country into an upper middle income country as well as reduce biomass use for energy to sustainable levels. Kenya has vast potentials for renewable energy and has been ranked fifth globally in an annual Bloomberg index measuring investments and opportunities in clean energy, two facts that together give a good basis for realizing a development as described in the 100% renewable energy scenario in this report.
The report focuses on how to supply the energy for Kenya’s development with renewable energy and how to Increase energy use with modern, energy efficient technologies. In addition to the scenario for transition to 100% renewable energy, the report also includes a business as usual scenario for how Kenya might develop without focus on renewable energy. A comparison of the cost of energy supply of the two scenarios shows an economic benefit of the renewable energy scenario.
The report explains specific proposals that lead to 100% renewable energy development. Read More…. 

Welcome Remarks by

Nobert Nyandire, the National Coordinator, Sustainable Environmental Development (SusWatch) Kenya. Click on Read More

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Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) Implementation: The Kenyan Scenario

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Statement by the MoE During the Launch of 100% Renewable Energy

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Presentation – MoE during the Launch of 100% Renewable Energy in Kenya

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