Water, Sanitation and Waste Management

4, 10000 liter water tanks donated to Ugina community, installed at Ugina Primary School.

Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6 puts emphasis on Clean Water and Sanitation by ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and proper sanitation for all. It is on this principle that SusWatch Kenya rides on by prioritizing conservation of natural water bodies, household water sources and accessibility to clean and safe drinking water to communities.

Proper sanitation enhances overall health and well being as stated in SDG 3. Thus our priorities are on access to adequate sanitation for the communities’, organizing and participating in regular clean-up activities, reduction of diseases transmitted through water contaminated by human wastes, practice of good hygiene and improved coverage of sanitation facilities. Also regularly ‘flag out’ potential adverse impacts on human populations or on the environmentally important areas such as the Lake Victoria Basin which is a threatened, globally important and sensitive ecosystem and habitat for many endemic aquatic and terrestrial species.